Nashville Wedding Photographer - Shane + Marette

They say rain is a sign of good luck for the couple on a wedding day, but now I'm convinced it's good luck for the photographer as well.  Most of my favorite images from this wedding are a direct result of the fact that it rained on the first day of September, the day Shane and Marette were married.  The intimate wedding took place at The Cordelle in Nashville, Tennessee, lit purely by window light, surrounded by family and friends, and officiated by the groom's father.

These are two special people, and I am honored to have been part of their day.  Also, they know how to throw a party... and they have some friends that like to dance.

To top it off, we made our way to the Pedestrian Bridge after the reception for some night portraits... in the rain.  It was awesome.

I am definitely not a writer, and I know my words could never do this wedding justice.  Here is the story of their day in pictures.

You can view Shane and Marette's engagement session at The Parthenon here.

If you know someone recently engaged in and around Nashville, Tennessee, please share this post with them.  I would love to capture the story of their wedding day.


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